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We thought that might happen… here they are for you:


You’re wisely investing a lot to get to your Next Level. Let’s get busy with helpful links for you before your arrival:




Info links from our website for you:


Now let’s get your post-course support network set up (you’re about to be very busy):

  • Put Keith Mauney’s direct cell number into your address book: (214) 325-3161.  Because he’ll respond to every texted clinical question you’ll have—forever for free.
  • Add our Administrative number for admin questions: (800) 845-3484, (972) 353-3200 
  • Like our Institutional Site page on Facebook.
  • Send your request to join our Private Facebook Alumnus site, Born to Scan.
  • Send Keith Mauney an invitation to join with you on Linkedin (connect to >13,000 professionals in all segments of the worldwide ultrasound community.
  • And finally, go online or to your bookstore and order your own copy of The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, by Betty Edwards, Ph.D. (No need to open it yet, but you’ll have an easy but powerful career-advancing assignment in it for when you return home.  You’ll learn about it in class.)




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