British Stroke Association: Stoicism puts you at an increased risk of stroke morbidity… and herein, a simple litmus test….

One under the tongue, STAT….


Because we all start by taking care of our own ‘Family’, without pertinence, shame, brand endorsement or medico-legal advice, here’s a vital Public Service Announcement:


The British Stroke Association recently published what we’ve always known: Stoicism increases the morbidity of stroke. In particular, in this time of strained EMS and hospital resources, there is in the back of our minds the sense that “I don’t want to be an unnecessary burden to them.”

Well, in the back of your brain (perhaps next to that thought) there might be an even better, ischemic reason to dial 911 (999 in Britain) and get under the clinicians’ brilliance and authority immediately.

And consider also- regardless– carrying a packet of powdered aspirin with you in your wallet. If not for you, then for the one sitting next to you on the bus who’s having the same experience.  Just one, under the tongue, STAT, while you’re waiting for help to arrive….

At such a moment, what else do you have on your schedule to do?  And if it turns out there’s an intracranial bleed, your aspirin isn’t going to be the origin of the problem, and you’ll (hopefully) have spurned them (or yourself) to get on the INSIDE of an ER immediately.


Some Very Good Advice: If you THINK you might be having a heart attack or stroke, then you’re just as guilty already as the person who DID.

Act on that thought and save your life… EMS is never too busy or burdened for You.

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