What's the Pass/Fail Rate for Ultrasound Credentialing?  


Statistics from the ARDMS 2017 Examinations  

Fail rate:
Abdominal Imaging

Adult Echocardiography  34%
Breast Imaging  24%
Obstetric/Gynecologic Imaging  27%
Pediatric Echocardiography  36%
Musculoskeletal Imaging  38%
Sonography Principles and Instrumentation

Vascular Technology  30%

Statistics from the CCI 2015 Examinations

Fail rate:
Registered Cardiac Sonographer
Registered Vascular Sonographer 
Registered Phlebologic Sonographer 41%

Don’t let statistics affect your career.  Don’t let an exam stand in your way.  Memorization and foreknowledge of ARDMS, ACR, or CCI test questions will only get you so far, and usually short of your goal.  What these numbers don't show is the twenty-year fail-rate trend hasn't changed, even in spite of the many popular Registry Review crash courses.  We'll help you prepare for any question by learning how to think.


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