Hands-on abdominal sonography training course.


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A Systematic Approach Like None Other

Hands-on abdominal sonography course.

Hands-on intensive training with lectures and one-on-one discussion to build the complete ultrasound protocol to acquire and analyze all images.  For all specialties and experience levels.  Held continuously since 1983, this course will set you on the most practical and effective protocol to image the upper abdomen.  You’ll learn how to orient yourself to three-dimensional anatomy with 2-D imaging and document every pertinent feature of each organ.  

Both physicians and non-physician clinicians will find the class a bedrock foundation to rapidly advance in the field.  Our total immersion approach has you at the bedside from the first day.  You'll learn and practice over and over the complete head-to-toe protocol for assessment and measurement of all structures.  The very small group setting fosters group interaction and collaborative learning.  To help you gain proficiency with probe orientation and system controls the scan lab is open 24 hours for your independent practice on yourself or you peers.

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"Keith & Staff:  Excellent course... everything it was billed as!  Once I get my feet wet in Echo, I'll probably be back for Vascular!  Keep up the great work--you'd make Walt Disney proud. --Michael Horner"

Classes Upcoming

Sonography | The Hands-On OB-Gyn Ultrasound Course 2018

Begin: 2018-04-25, 14:00
End: 2018-04-28, 20:00
Fees: $ 2000.00

Sonography | The Hands-On Gyn Transvaginal Ultrasound Course 2018

Begin: 2018-04-29, 14:00
End: 2018-04-29, 20:00
Fees: $ 600.00

The Emergency Ultrasound Course for ER Physicians, Hospitalists and Nurses 2018

Begin: 2018-05-05, 14:00
End: 2018-05-06, 20:00
Fees: $ 800.00

Beginners' Ultrasound | Introduction to Hands-On Ultrasound for Everyone 2018

Begin: 2018-05-05, 14:00
End: 2018-05-06, 20:00
Fees: $ 800.00

Echocardiography | The Hands-On Cardiac Ultrasound Course 2018

Begin: 2018-05-07, 14:00
End: 2018-05-11, 20:00
Fees: $ 3500.00
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