Vascular Ultrasound | The RPVI Course for Vascular Surgeons


Accelerated Instruction... uncompromised content.


We all have a lot of competition for our services.  You need our ultrasound training courses now more than ever.  There's no way around it: you have to have your Registered Physician Vascular Interpretation credential; the deadline was 2014.  If you got it all in school and you memorize the textbook you'll do fine: the pass rate is over 95%.

But if you want to make the confident interpretation of a stack of cases at the end of your day, you need to make sure your thought processes are valid and your verbiage is precise.  Because time is the new currency and you're running out of it.  

Make a simple weekend count: spend it with us.  We'll fame and validate every point, answer your every question and stand by your side after class is over with personal direct access in perpetuity, for free.  For your staff, bring them up to speed with our fast-track hands-on ultrasound training courses in head-to-toe vascular ultrasound, including renal and transcranial Doppler.

Expert Faculty.  Keith Mauney will work with you individually as you join a small group of peers in class; he’ll focus over forty years of experience on your goal.  Without the usual charts and 
graphs, he’ll cut to the core of every element of every test, covering the practical information you’ll need.

We know what you want.  And we won’t waste a minute of your time.  We started our courses for physicians in 1983, long before national standards came to be.  And our content has matched and exceeded the science ever since.

Quick In and Out. It’s easy and inexpensive to get to us: your meeting will be twenty minutes from Dallas-Fort Worth Airport or Love Field, so you can fly in and out over a weekend.  The most nonstop flights, in the most competitive airfare market in the country.  

Or Don’t Even Leave the Office. You can save even more time.  Let us hold this course in your own conference room as a private group tutorial, at a schedule that suits yours: over a weekend or after hours.  Your cost is paid off by your efficiency and it can be spread over other participants in your group.  Bring the entire staff up to speed at once.  We can even integrate sonographer training and local awareness training in the same visit, to ensure your practice is operating at the highest level.