Sonography | The Ultrasound Course for Urologists


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We all have a lot of competition for our services; you need this hands-on ultrasound training course now more than ever.  

You learned how to make use of ultrasound in school, now learn how to make direct use of it in your practice.  Whether you see ultrasound as a time-waster or time-saver is up to you to decide.  But it’s true that ultrasound--not just the machine--can and will generate more efficiency, revenue, and time for you in the long picture.  And that picture is changing fast and forever: the entire U.S. has arrived at the inevitable outpatient DRG payer model across all lines.  Now time is the new currency, and you're running out of it.

Let us help you and your Team take the technology and turn it into a process.  Our fast track hands-on vascular and abdominal ultrasound courses bring your staff up to starting speed at once.  Or we can bring the special elements you specifically need onsite to your practice, with the obvious benefits.  Either way, ours will be a long-term relationship: we'll stand with you post-learning to support you in perpetuity.

We're prepared, practiced and standing ready to help you today.