Echocardiography | The Cardiac Ultrasound Course for Primary Care Physicians


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We all have a lot of competition for our services; you need this hands-on cardiac ultrasound training course now more than ever.  Procedures have always been the monetary bedrock of the specialist.  They’ve leveraged the specialist’s income to average four times the level of primary care.  But now the ground is shifting--and moving forever in your direction.  

Outpatient DRG's are here.  You’re going to be incentivized to do more appropriate measures as your level of patient contact than ever before.  The chance is opening for you to provide better, more efficient care at the first point of patient contact.  And bringing in key procedures at this stage can save you a lot of time.  Our fast track hands-on and interpretive ultrasound training courses are the fastest effective approach and deepest use of your time.

Only you can decide how to live your career, but others have set the paths for how you practice it.  If you’re contemplating bringing ultrasound on board make us your strategic ally, because we'll never leave you.

We bring the last forty years of ultrasound technology, clinical and engineering science, and business acumen to the classroom.  We know what you need at every turn and we know how to connect you to it.  Ultrasound isn’t a procedure, it’s a process-- one you can easily master.  Working with you in class, and remotely afterward through post learning support, we’re like having your own live Wikipedia.  

We taught the Specialists decades ago.  Now it’s time for you to take your seat in class and your Place at the Table.