Sonography | Ultrasound Training Courses & Hospital Executives


We all have a lot of competition for our services.  
ou need our fast-track hands-on ultrasound training expertise now, more than ever


The Center of your focus is Radiology and Cardiology.  And no one down there generates more revenue per unit cost than the ultrasonographer.  

Leverage them even more.

Time is the new currency, and multitasking your Team through cross-training is your path to success.  And sending them off to a conference is not going to happen.  Let us come to you.   Our fast track hands-on ultrasound training programs make the absolute most of every minute.  We can work with them one-on-one, or bring others together as a shared group.  Either way, your clinical throughput will pay for the cost.  

We change your staff's production trajectory: every one of them.  Give them to us for just days and we'll make them ready to proceed a lot faster and more productive than if you pair them with another and have them learn on the job.  We can tie sonographer training into physician awareness and interpretation; all while you maintain the rhythm of your workplace.  Our Standards-compliant protocols ensure everyone gets it right, right from the start.  

For over thirty-five years people have come to us from worldwide for decades for a reason.  Tap into our resources and spend the difference it'll make.

Contact us and let's talk about your goals, and download our free Employee Commitment Agreement to set your staff's commitment in exchange for your training support.