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Special 1 EKG 500 Sh

EKG Rhythm Analysis & 12-Lead Electrocardiography Workshop

Fills in the gaps left by most online and live courses.  Tightly focused, brisk and memorable.  Brings the subject to life, imparting solid shortcuts and effective analogies to fully understand the subject.  Content can be tailored to any level of skill.

Attendees report that they learn more in two days than in months and years of other coursework.  Lifelong post workshop support.  On-site anywhere worldwide for groups of any size.  Principal instructor: Keith Mauney.




Stress Echocardiography Workshop

Laser focused on every element of myocardial contraction and perfusion; a telling account of the principles underlying strain, strain rate and tissue Doppler imaging for systolic and diastolic failure.  The careful pace ensures a careful and memorable look at every element of protocol and principle.   Lifelong post workshop support.  On-site anywhere worldwide for groups of any size.  Principal instructor: Keith Mauney.


Special 1 HEMO 500 Sh

Cardiac and Vascular Hemodynamics Workshop

Heightens and hardens your understanding of blood flow and pressure at rest and exercise, in health and disease.  Possess the complete mental matrix to analyze, understand and explain any hemodynamic process.  Content can be targeted to critical care nurses, cardiovascular sonographers and educators.  Excellent anchor subject for any medical conference.  Principal instructor: Keith Mauney.



Special 1 Physics 500 Sh

Ultrasound Physics Mastery Workshop

The really successful professionals know the why behind everything they do.  In this experience we'll make physics bend to your level of understanding rather than the other way around.  Go far beyond just memorizing test answers and live the career difference it makes.  Excellent anchor subject for any medical conference.  On-site anywhere worldwide for groups of any size.  Principal instructor: Keith Mauney.




Special 1 MSK 500 Sh

Introduction to Musculoskeletal Imaging Workshop 2015

Exclusively hands-on instruction to orient you to the AIUM Standard Protocol for joint evaluation.  Topics can be focused to your specific practice needs, including joint injection techniques.  Participants have reported that the process, protocol and interpretation process is made more simple and memorable than in other courses they've attended.   On-site anywhere worldwide for groups of any size.

Principal instructors: Stan Williams, Keith Mauney.  


Special 1 Tutorial 500 Sh


Instruction on Any Topic, Your Way

Keith Mauney and our Team can engineer any learning experience you like, on your own schedule (7 days a week) for groups of any size, anywhere you want. 







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