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The most successful professionals know the value of the Why behind everything they do.  Join them at the top.

Physicsfrom Latin, physica, nature      Naturehow things work in the world 

Learn physics, not just memorize answers to a test you'll take once.  The difference in your career will show.

We'll make it simple.  We'll make it memorable.  We'll help you build a new way to think about physics-- the way you'll be able to use to answer any question they'll ask you on the Registry Exam... the way you'll think through every patient exam for the rest of your life.  We honor and appreciate the brilliant and entertaining engineers that have helped so many get through their test.  But we believe that patient care will benefit even more if clinicians understand things in clinicians' terms, from a clinician's perspective.  We'll make you less afraid of what will be on the ARDMS, CCI, or ASRT exam and instead focus your confidence on how to think through any problem you'll ever meet.  

After all, isn't that really why a clinician is supposed to know ultrasound physics?