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Perform like the most successful people in your field

In 1972, When our Program Director went to work in one of the first Cardiac Intensive Care Units in the country, he found himself electrocardiographically underwater.  Within a year, he was one of those in charge of the place.  This course summarizes what he learned and how he learned to think about The integration of the heart to its EKG.  It took thirty years to research and three years to write it.  You'll master it much more quickly, and more important, you'll understand vastly more than those who just memorize patterns.

You're about to learn the three steps you'll need to confidently analyze any EKG rhythm you'll ever see, and the three-step process to read a 12-lead electrocardiogram.  But moreover, you're going to learn the why behind every aspect of it all-- down to the cellular and atomic level.  This is the sort of foundation that digs deeper--and lasts longer--than any other approach we've ever found.  In fact, it's the reason we created the course. It took us thirty years to research, three years to write.  And we've found that this approach is powerful at empowering clinicians from every level to perform at a high level quickly.  It doesn't matter how little or much you already know, this workshop will enhance your service to your patients immediately.  

Along the way, we'll tie electrophysiology to cardiac hemodynamics and diagnostics to heighten your thinking about cardiology.