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We are all expert at protocols but we can never become too expert at understanding the physiology beneath them.  This workshop will bring them all back to life in a way that will heighten and harden your understanding of it all.  After this, you'll be able to discuss your patient findings with a new authority that others will notice and appreciate immediately.  As the specialty fields of vascular and cardiac ultrasound merged, we discovered the need to help our colleagues tie the complete picture together.  The two fields consistently lead the list in the percentage of failures attempting the ARDMS or CCI Registry Exams.

We'll begin with the heart and inspect every detail surrounding the forces influencing pressure, flow, and perfusion throughout the vessels and back.  We'll look inside the circulatory system and outside as well, as we analyze and report on the global influence of the brain and the local control of the smooth muscle cells.  When we're done you'll have no stone unturned.