Rise to the highest levels of professional competence and career leverage in the field


Stress Echo requires us to work at our highest level of competence; it demands more than just fast hands and a certain protocol.  This workshop will slow things down and allow us to look carefully at every integrated facet lying beneath the patient, the protocol and the pathology.  The stress echo exam tests for systolic failure, but if you treat the systolic failure and the patient has severe diastolic dysfunction, you'll kill him.  Know how to detect and classify both and finally understand the simple connection between the two, in a way you'll be able to explain to others for life.  

The classroom is small, the pace relaxed, and the content completely thorough.  Your every question will be answered in terms you'll understand and remember for life.  You'll receive copies of every slide and you'll have our post-workshop support in perpetuity for free.  

This will connect the technical and physiological dots of stress echo, thus bringing both the PA/Nurse Practitioner and the Echocardiographer more closely together.  The result is a Team that fits more hand-in-glove than ever, leveraging the entire Department.