Registration Instructions & Terms

We want to enroll individuals who have the desire and determination to build their core skills to function at their highest level…and succeed.  We want you to grow, not just enroll.  

Our enrollment process is continuous, simple, and relatively straightforward.  We are glad to guide you through the steps to applying, getting accepted, and planning your arrival. There are no restrictions to applying for any course; your present experience is irrelevant in predicting your future success.  Though our total immersion coursework will create a solid foundation and a blueprint for practice, you should be in or have access to a clinically active environment where you can apply and expand your new skills. 

In the new economy, it’s more important than ever to be able to compete for an opportunity, and talent alone is not enough.  Present your current or potential employer with our Scholarship Contract, where you exchange your work commitment for support.  We are networked with professional recruiters for positions at all levels worldwide and will delight in making the necessary introductions.

Our Application Process

Unlike traditional conferences, our class size is strictly limited and our administrative policy ensures your plans are securely supported. Our cancellation and refund policy has been crafted to ensure fairness to yourself and other professionals who must adjust their schedules to attend your same class.

2 Steps:

    1. Complete the online application and pay the tuition fee by credit card.  This fee is subject to our Cancellation & Refund policy stated below.  This will place your application in a priority queue for the class of your choice.  We will immediately contact you by phone or email to verify your information and temporarily hold your seat in the class.   Your credit card will not be processed until we have contacted you and approved your application.  Credit card transactions may take up to 48 hours to post.

    2. You will need to make reservations at our Conference Site Hotel.  Special discounted rates are guaranteed for your entire stay.  Visit our Pre/Post Conference page to preview your learning experience and prepare for it.

Cancellations & Refunds

We understand that unforeseen circumstances may force you to reschedule or cancel.  We ask you to please be mindful that many of our courses have professionals placed on waiting lists.  Please help them and us by advising us of any changes as soon possible.  Your change in plans will be subject to our cancellation and refund policy; please review and agree to it before applying:

  1. Though you may also inform us by other means, your cancellation notice must be submitted in writing with your signature.  For your security, we cannot officially accept telephone, electronic and fax cancellation notices. 
  2. We must receive written notice of your course cancellation or reschedule at least 21 calendar days prior to the start of the course. 
  3. Your tuition fee will be applied to a rescheduled class held within the next calendar year.  It is voided upon cancellation.
  4. If we receive your written cancellation at least 21 calendar days prior to the course date, your tuition payment will be refunded, less a 20% cancelation fee.  Beyond this time, we cannot refund your tuition, but we will apply tuition credit to future course offerings for the next twelve months, after which it will be voided. 
  5. This same cancellation policy carries forward to your tuition credit when reapplied to subsequent course tuition.  Refunds under this policy will not apply In the event you have rescheduled from your original confirmed course in order to retain the tuition credit. If a course is booked and no longer accepting applications, we will reschedule you to the next available course and retain your tuition.
  6. Please understand that we cannot credit any of your tuition if you do not cancel your registration in writing at least 21 calendar days prior to the start of the course. We cannot make exceptions to this policy.
  7. On very rare occasions we may find it necessary to substitute qualified lecturers. In exceptional circumstances, such as death, fire, an act of war or terrorism, or a natural disaster, we may find it necessary to cancel a course. Although we will assist you in recovering any penalties you may incur due to airline or hotel policies, we cannot be responsible for charges or tangible/intangible losses incurred as a result.