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Amy Donaldson, Registrar


Amy Donaldson and our Team are at your service and will delight in answering any question and assisting you in every way possible before, during and after the course.  Our support never ends.  

We welcome your call any time and encourage you to email us also to expedite and bridge time zone differences between us.  

Reach Amy directly at:  

                                      800/845-3484 (North America, Caribbean)

                                      972/353-3200  (CST)

                                      817/577-4250  (Fax) 


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(800) 845-3484

  (972) 353-3200  

Email Us

"Many thanks for a delightful weekend—Work can be fun and all of you at KMA have made it and enjoyable, theatrical experience—as energetic as a Tasmanian Devil. --Esther Williamson, Director of Radiology    Tasmania, Australia"



 Let's Start Talking About Your Future


The best way to predict your future is to make it.  With all the opportunity for your skills, moving upward is your best choice.  We'll help take you there, and stay with you for life.